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Providing Occupational Therapy (OT) services to children and families since 2014 

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How can OT help?

You may wish to seek advice or assessment if your child is experiencing difficulties in the following areas-

Attention and concentration- sitting still in class, fidgety, learning difficulties, always on the move, impulsive and distractible, starting and completing tasks, listening and following instructions

Fine- motor skills- handwriting, drawing, cutting with scissors, fatigues easily when doing fine motor tasks, playing with toys

Gross motor skills-, ball skills, playing on equipment, carrying out physical tasks, poor posture and endurance, delay in developing motor milestones, avoiding PE or sports

Sensory Processing issues- frequently seeking movement and touch, overly sensitive or emotional to sensory input, difficulty coping with noise, overwhelmed in the classroom and community, difficulty managing new environments 

Independence and self-care skills- dressing, toilet-training, using cutlery for mealtimes,  brushing teeth, organisation skills

Challenging behaviours- regulating emotions and behaviours to participate in activities, remaining calm, accepting changes in routine ​​ ​

​Play and social skills- engaging with others in play, playing appropriately with toys, turn-taking, sharing, working in a group,  extending interests in other areas